Our Payroll Solutions



Why Outsource to Active Temp Services?
Benefit from over 60 years of payroll and staffing experience and personal, local support with Active Temp Services' payroll solutions. By outsourcing their payroll, companies can reduce the complexity and risk of running their own payroll, while helping ensure greater accuracy, with up-to-date tax rates and regulatory information. 

Active One-Source Payroll Solution
When small businesses only require a standard, bookkeeping style payroll service, Active Payroll Solutions can streamline our client's payroll process at extremely low rates per pay period, with no hidden fees...from calculating tax obligations to producing checks and preparing management reports. Our One-Source Payroll Solution includes:

- Payroll Processing
- Tax Pay Service
- SUI Support
- New Hire Reporting
- Payroll Reporting
- Payroll Delivery
- Direct Deposit
- Check Insertion
- Garnishment Payments

Active One-Source Payroll PLUS Solution
With our One-Source Payroll PLUS Solution, we take the outsourcing to the next level. Our Payroll PLUS service allows our client to refer people to Active Temp Services and utilize them for temporary and temp-to-perm assignments. We assume all legal obligations for the payroll employees’ wages, payroll deductions, unemployment insurance and worker’s compensation. Our client receives the same high quality temporary employment services at a reduced cost.

Active Temp Services understands too well the burdensome responsibilities of managing payroll. In today’s challenging economic environments, our client must dedicate all efforts toward generating revenue with their product and service. Managing payroll can be costly and time consuming. Outsourcing their payroll responsibilities is a smart decision, but in many cases our client needs employment flexibility as well. With Active One-Source Payroll PLUS Solution, we not only provide standard payroll services, we also manage employment responsibilities for our client. 

Active One-Source Payroll PLUS Advantage:

- No payroll withholdings and deductions to collect, pay, administrate, and report
- No W-2 hiring process
- Eliminate federal and state taxes and insurance responsibilities
- No employee IRS reporting on contract labor
- No year-end W-2 administration hassles
- Avoid having to remain current on all tax laws and regulations
- Avoid exposure to government non-compliance penalties and fees (1099)
- No liability or workers' compensation insurance covering contractor actions
- No paid time off, such as: holidays, vacations, sick time, and personal time
- Match staffing levels with workload and project requirements
- Option to terminate contractors at any time
- Reduce administrative responsibilities
- Expand your staffing alternatives